Who is involved?

myenergi are an award-winning team of passionate people whose zappi, eddi and harvi products are already transforming living and working environments by increasing self-consumption of renewable energy.

Evergreen Smart Power are the creators of the Smart Power platform. The software lets zappis and eddis to respond in real time to grid conditions and energy prices to use electricity in a more intelligent and environmentally-responsive way.

Part of Swansea University, Specific is at the forefront of developing tech for energy efficient living. Their “Active Office” and “Active Classroom” buildings showcase low carbon technologies from solar walls to heat pumps to energy storage solutions

Tonik Energy is a challenger energy supplier whose ambition is to use renewable energy and smart home technologies to cut energy bills in half over the years ahead. They will be using data generated in the trial to demonstrate how flexibility technology can result in cost savings and lower bills.

Energy Systems Catapult is an independent not-for-profit research organisation with a mission to support innovators and help the transition to a clean, renewable energy system. ESC will be gathering feedback to understand how people interact with flexibility.